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  • Why Choose Us for Your Project solutions?


We offer experienced to work on your project, and have the experience of delivering quality design and engineering plans/permit sets.

Contractors partnering with Jeko Group get their projects completed, and a building permit approved faster. Our focus on value engineering also helps our customers save big on construction costs.

Jeko Group adds immense value & savings to contractor’s clients who are at the very start of the building design process. These are clients without plans or permits and have engaged the contractor to understand the process and pricing to realize their building projects.

Jeko Group may also be engaged for contractor’s clients who have plans and civil or structural engineering set in hand but are looking for a new designer or structural engineer to expedite changes to their underway projects (we accept such clients on a case by case basis). Learn how our contractor partnership delivers efficiencies, savings, and results by reaching out to us today!

Design, Engineering, and Related Services with Proven Benefits:

  • Construction cost savings
  • Faster permits and ROI
  • Minimal plan check comments
  • Responsive, single source of accountability
  • Transparent, fixed-fee pricing

We take pride in our engineering, design, and related services for corporate clients.

  • Quality that’s affordable
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Ability to take on a project anytime
Start getting quality engineering plans on-budget and in a quick turnaround time. Architects who use Jeko Group get their projects completed and a building permit approved faster. Our focus on value engineering helps our customers save on construction costs. Learn how our architectural partnership can deliver results for you.
When it comes to BUMN projects, Jeko Group is a true one-stop solution for architecture and civil/structural engineering services in Indonesia. We are delivering specialized services for 5 years, including retrofits, housing, offices, mixed-use, and many more.

Our innovative approach and remote working model empower us to collaborate efficiently with the City and any other stakeholders to consistently deliver quality services within budgets and timelines.

Our Services

Benefits of Partnering with Jeko Group

We provide a wide array of engineering and related services. We provide residential structural engineering services from the foundation and retaining wall inspections to ground-up new home construction. We also provide commercial structural engineering services such as tenant improvements and larger mixed-use and new construction projects.

Experience and Quality
  • Professionals with 5 years of experience

  • Indonesia-licensed professionals vetted to meet our high standards
Cost Predictability
  • Know all costs in advance with fixed fee services
  • Inclusive of plan check responses
Value Engineering
  • Value engineering solutions by experienced engineers
  • Cost effective approach
Ability to Take on a Project
  • Our proprietary data and PM system efficiently forecasts and optimizes resources
  • Ability to take on projects of any size, any time while maintaining quality and timelines
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Project Manager for each project
  • Prompt responses to architect partners
No surprises
  • Get intermediate schematic designs for feedback
  • Iterative approach to project management
Breadth of Expertise
  • Expertise in a wide range of Residential and Commercial services
  • A la carte option – use our services when and where you need them
  • Reinvented traditional processes with data and technological innovation

Let’s Make Things Happen

If you are looking for Construction Support, please visit the Construction Administration Support Page to submit the form for a quicker response.

“Our clients love the benefits of having a dedicated Project Manager as their guide throughout all the stages of their projects.”

Jason Liu

Jeko Group CEO

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How it works

Jeko Group views and appreciates most Architecture/Design, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry professionals as potential affiliates for mutually beneficial partnerships and growth. For 5 years, our broad base of affiliates turns to us as a leader in pre-construction services across Indonesia. Jeko Group is well-equipped to take on a project any time and deliver high-quality, on time and within budget.

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We understand many of our customers may be worried about executing a construction project which often requires multiple disciplinary engagements like Architecture, Engineering, MEP Design, Interior Design and Manufacturing steel structure and aluminium, while the industry is heavily regulated, and the work is highly technical. Jeko Group has a strong experienced team of licensed Architects and Engineers, and we have successfully executed thousands of residential, commercial, Industry projects in various Cities in Indonesia. We can therefore provide you with the right team of Architect / Engineer for your project, along with a dedicated Project Manager who will coordinate the whole project for you and ensure successful execution of your project.

Our proprietary system Design Hub allows us to optimize our resources so that we are able to take on a project any time and provide our client a headstart for obtaining the building permits. We work with you to seek your approval of the work in a phased way so that all your comments are addressed throughout the project.